Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Room Eighteen


We saw this new restaurant on the LG in Times Square the other day and thought that we'd give it a go. It's called Room Eighteen. Apparently it is under the Tai Thong group.

From the advertisement and the layout of the restaurant, it looked okay and quite stylish.

When we were there, it was not peak hours so, less than half of the place was full. However, the service was really bad, and the utensils and atmosphere feels "unwelcoming". I feel very uneasy at the place... It was like sitting in a olden coffee shop (though I'd prefer the coffee shop than here).

They served us with the appetizer.

Vincent was having flu at that time, so he wanted to have something really warm, and ordered the porridge. Taste is not bad (if you're not really fussy). At least the yau char kuey is still crispy.

They were having some promotional dinner set, which I ordered. It was the Egg Noodle (dry) with Roasted Pork. The Egg Noodle had a very distinct taste and smell of egg. I find it a little too overwhelming. The Roasted Pork is just so-so.

The set came with a drink (Chinese Tea or Coke or Sprite), and a dessert. The dessert is Guai Lin Kau. This has very strong herbal taste. I kinda like this... My favourite actually!

Ask me if I would wanna go there again, I'd say no. I'd rather go to McD in Times Square, or even Starbucks. Not my cuppa tea.


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