Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dinner @ Grandmama's

During the long Merdeka weekend, we thought we will go over to Pavilion for dinner, and then catch a movie. I've heard about a new restaurant opened in Pavilion, and decided to give it a go. It's called Grandmama's on the 6th floor in Pavilion.

This restaurant has 3 areas for you to dine. First is in the restaurant, the 2nd option is in Pavilion which is outside of the restaurant. This is located in front of TGIF. The 3rd option is the smoking area which is at the open air area.

They serve local and western food. Check out their menu.

Since we are new, we always go for their chef recommendation dishes. If these dishes go wrong, that means we can give up altogether Thinking Smileys First dish strongly recommended by their manager is the Sang Har Hor Fun (RM19.00). According to the menu, it is "a definite 'must-try' ". The verdict? I have to say... It is as good as they claimed! It is absolutely delicious. Now I have to avoid prawns due to allergies, but for this dish, I can't help myself! The soup has a very strong prawn taste and is very fresh! Both of us finish the soup till the last drop.

For vege, I ordered the dish called "4 Beauties" (RM15.50). It consists of Long Bean, Lady's Finger, Brinjal and Petai. I love love Lady's Finger and Petai, so I have high expectation for this dish. And to my surprise, this dish was just everything that I was looking for! The sambal was just right (not too spicy) and the taste was absolutely mouth-watering! Food smiley face Totally recommended for those who love these veges.

Instead of ordering beverages, we had dessert instead. Another chef recommendation - it's called "Chilled Mango& Pomelo Cream" (RM8.90). This is yet another pleasant surprise! It's not too sweet and the texture was not too creamy! Vincent finished the whole bowl! Laughing smiley face

This is a good place to go to if you are looking for something different. I really think it's worth a try and you might come out of the place pleasantly surprised with a full tummy!


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