Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pre-Wedding Dinner - Jek Chee


The blissful couple, Jek Chee and Pui Kuan have dived into the marriage life! Big CONGRATS to the lovely couple! It was such a memorable and happy occasion! Happy smiley face

The actual day of their wedding is 20.09.2009. So the night before, there was a simple pre-wedding dinner at Jek Chee's house in Puchong. We arrived around 8pm and just hang around until around 11pm. His house was brightly decorated with the word "Happiness" (in Chinese character, of course) pasted everywhere in the house.

The new couple's room was beautifully decorated with the necessary customary essentials. I don't know what these items symbolise, but I'm sure they have their historical meanings behind it!

The couple's new pair of slippers:

This was placed on the bed. The groom can't sleep on this bed until the wedding night with his new bride. So for the meantime, he said he was sleeping on the floor smiley face

Decorations on the bride's dressing table:

The fresh flower bouquet. The groom will bring this to the bride when he "seeks" for her tomorrow.

The simple dinner for relatives and close friends for the night before the actual wedding day:

Friends who were there. We asked the groom about his feelings, but he has no comment Thinking smiley face He could have been too excited for the last couple of days!

Actual wedding day with tea ceremony post coming up! So many pictures! Happy smiley face


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