Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Reception - Jek Chee & Pui Kuan

The wedding reception for Jek Chee and Pui Kuan was held on 21.09.2009 in Restaurant Hee Lai Ton in Puchong. We arrived at about 6pm to help out and also to take some pictures!

Deco that was on the stage.

That's us with the newly wedded couple.

The heng dai's.

The ji mui's.

The groom -busy with the arrival of guests.

Guests leaving their wishes and signatures for the couple.

The corsage made of fresh flowers.

The helpful photographer.

The groom

Heng dai's getting ready for the grand entrance of the couple to start off the night.

Preparing for their march into the wedding hall.

Pops of confetti as the couple make their grand entrance as husband and wife for the first time.

Check this out. The Nan Yang Chinese newspaper advertised a few couples that are getting married. Our lovely couple is featured as well!

Cake cutting ceremony on the stage.

Pouring of champagne together.

The couple cheers to their guests.

Close family members were invited to the stage to join the couple in toasting to their guests.

Guests here happily toasting back - YAM SENG!!

Lil girls join in the fun in calling out "yam seng" as well!

7637 is the lucky number.

A wedding dinner is incomplete without live performances. Our Karaoke Queen - Ms. Uli.

And our Karaoke King - Mr. Jack.

This is another couple who is getting married in 2 weeks' time. Love is in the air~~

The heng dai's charged up to the stage and sang a sentimental song together.

The couple who celebrated their 1st year anniversary. Deja vu... Exactly 1 year ago we attended their wedding.

The ji mui's.

The wedding is done - A new husband and wife starts their journey together. Here's toasting to HAPPILY EVER AFTER to them!

To Jek Chee & Pui Kuan - May your wedding be the beginning of everlasting joy and happiness! CONGRATULATIONS!


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