Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aquaria @ KLCC


We were in KLCC for an exhibition one weekend, and we finished browsing in about an hour's time. As we were walking out from the KL Convention Center, we saw an advertisement on KLCC's Aquaria. Vincent had always wanted to go but I'm quite skeptical about it... But that day, he insisted he wants to pay a visit to the place as he had heard that it was quite good and worth the visit. Seeing him excited and in anticipation, I gave in, and said OK.

Admission fee was RM38 for adult, but for those with MyKad, it is only RM28. I was surprised! I didn't thought that it would be that cheap.

After purchasing our tickets, we entered the place. First stop was an "open counter". There were 3 big open aquarium with a guide. You can actually touch all the livings in the aquarium. I managed to hold a starfish! It was like holding a stone. Vincent was ecstatic that he touched and fiddled with everything in it Sick Smileys

We continued with our tour, and were mesmerized with the amount of creatures they have displayed. Now, for this part, they do not display creatures in the water but on land. Check it out.

Done with all these creatures on land, we finally came to the creatures in water. There was a huge, tall tank with lots and lots of fishes in it. Malaysia flag was also in it! LOL AIM Smileys

Then, there was a tunnel. The biggest and scariest creatures in the ocean are in here. Check out this picture... The shark's teeth is terrifying! And there were so many of them! This tunnel was quite long and impressive!

Done with the tunnel, we then came to a huge huge aquarium! The picture can't really show how big it was though. There was dozens and dozens of different species of fish in this aquarium... And there was a turtle too!

Vincent enjoyed his trip to this place! He was really glad he came! LOL he was like a small kid on one of the school trips Mad Smileys I would say that it is worth a visit, and it does help with the Malaysia tourism and economy! So I'd say "DO GO!"


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