Thursday, September 24, 2009

My new cuddly toy

My fiance bought me a dog last weekend! smiley face LOL well, not exactly a "live" dog but a soft toy dog I'm not into soft toys and I don't have any when I was a kid. My fiance has gotten me a hippopotamus soft toy on our 1st V-Day, and that was the only soft toy I have.

I wanted a huge HUGE soft toy... At least half my height. It's nicer to cuddle anyways. He wanted to get this only when our house is ready so that I can place this on our sofa, but he saw this dog months ago in MV and wanted to buy it then but I stopped him. Since that day, whenever we are in MV, he will go into that shop and look at that dog. Last weekend, I finally gave in to him and he bought the dog home Laughing smiley face

Check out how huge he is. We named him Milkshake! Love smiley face

When I carry him vertically, he is at my shoulder! Very soft fur! Love love him! Love smiley face

Thanks to my fiance for buying me a dog! Love smiley face


Justine said...

alamak bang...besar giler...tak gigit ke?

Michelle Y said...

Ala besar baru best! Jgn bg tau I you suke kecik?!
Anjing kecik I takut anjing besar ni tau hahaha

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