Sunday, September 20, 2009

Girls' Nite Out @ Velvet


With Vincent and his buddies out for the Bachelor's Night Party, I had my own party too Winks smiley face Rock Chick, Karma Bitch, Shy Flirt and I went to Velvet that night. It has been a LoOOoong time since we went out clubbing together. The last time was Karma Bitch's birthday way back in March. Finally, the "reunion"

Didn't manage to snap much photos cos we were busy dancing. Well, at least there were some.

Karma Bitch and I - Lap lap you! smiley face

Supposedly this is a group picture, if Rock Chick could show her face, but she is "camera shy". So it's only her back we have.

Due to our demand, another picture is taken to get Rock Chick's face facing the camera, but this time, it's worse! It's just her "victory" sign AIM Smileys

But then again, it was a fun fun night! GOod mixture of music with dance-able oldies song and current songs. Of course, the booze was fun too! Drinks smiley face


Justine said...

ala..dun lar say like that..i malu tau..betul..sumpah!

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha jgn tipu! Malu ape? Bagi you margarita you tk kn malu dh ;p

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