Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lunch @ Crystal Jade Kitchen


We had lunch in Crystal Jade Kitchen in Pavilion that Sunday. I was looking for a particular pair of shoes that weekend, so I started the day early with a fulfilling lunch (or at least I thought it was).

I ordered the Dry Noodle with BBQ Pork (RM9.80). It was OK... Can't complain though I know those who are fussier than me would think that this is below average. I can find a better tasting noodle outside for half the price.

We ordered a few side orders cos Vincent knows that I will not be able to finish the noodle myself, and I'd like to try some other dishes too. We ordered the 2 combination of Roast Duck and Roast Pork (RM24.00). The Roast Pork was not served warm enough, but the Roast Duck is OK. What made it OK was the sauce. Without the sauce, I would not have taken a second piece. For that price, the serving is too small Jumping Smileys

Whenever I go for dim sum, I will always order the Chee Cheong Fun. This time, I ordered the Rice Roll with BBQ Pork (RM8.00). I didn't order the prawn cos I'm allergy to it. Again, it was just OK... Or rather, slightly below average. The taste just doesn't appeal to me.

My obsession is the Rice Roll, Vincent's obsession when we go for dim sum is the chicken feet. He ordered the Steamed Chicken Feet (RM7.00), and again, it was yet another so-so dish. Nothing great, but can't complain either.

If you are not too fussy and hate the queue at other dim sum restaurants, this would be an OK restaurant for you, but personally, I would rather have something else. This isn't really my cup of tea. To top if off, the service here was bad. It took freaking ages to get the sambal chili that I asked for, and by the time the chili came, I was almost half done with my noodle Baby Smileys I didn't expect the service to be this bad for a place like this. Sigh... Guess I was wrong.


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