Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pictures from Canon 450D

With a new shiny toy, we immediately went and try it. Our very first (honored) model - MONIQ! Pls note that these are all first time shoots, and when I post these pictures, I did not do any touch up... No color enhancement nor our-of-focus add on. All I did was to resize it cos all these pictures are about 4MB in size.

Check this out - This is taken with the Macro lens.

Moniq with her favourite pillow. Nobody can touch it! She's very protective over her pillow.

Moniq with her toy - Nemo.

Nobody can never touch her fish pet! She'll bite at it and rough it out with you until she has her fish!

Finally manager to claim her trophy, and guarding it.

I set up some props for Vincent to play around with... We were trying out with different object being the focus.

Setting of Black & White with camera.

Another set of props. I like how the flower pops up from behind, and the clear trail of the perfume liquid on the bottle.

Special thanks to my 2 models! Love smiley face


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