Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ROM - Alex & Phoebe

Another blissful couple tying the knot on this month is Mr. Alex Kwan and Ms. Phoebe Kyo in Putrajaya. 28.09.09 is the date they have registered and legalised their bond as husband and wife.

Since Alex is one of Vincent's best friends, he had taken leave on that special day to witness the special moment, and also be his photographer. After sending me to work, he went to Alex's house. The hand bouquet - 12 red roses. And also snapped in this picture is their wedding invitation card.

Alex all ready and geared up .

The happy and lovely couple - Alex and Phoebe. They coordinated their attire. The theme was gold. Phoebe had gold color headband and gold color belt against her white tube dress, while Alex had on a gold color tie against his white shirt. Nice!

Phoebe's shoes.

According to Vincent, so mishap happened on that day. Apparently the couple was waiting for their turn, and our of sudden, Vincent wanted to photograph the couple's wedding band, so he asked Alex for it. This is when it hit them. He forgot to bring the ring! He had left it at home (and his place is in Ampang)! Crap! Vincent and Uli can't go as they have to be the photographers, and it would not be nice at all for Alex to go get the ring and leave his bride alone. So this important mission was handed to Mr. Alan Chan. He sped back home with Alex's mum to retrieve the ring for the couple. It was so lucky that Alan was there to save the day. Since it will take him about an hour to retrieve the ring, it's picture time.

Classic snapshot - The bride not accepting the groom's proposal

And then she said YES!

Happy happy!

Finally, it is the couple's turn to enter the "Bilik Upacara". I heard that they were given time to take pictures before the solemnization takes place. Then, they will start the ceremony. The couple exchanging "I do's".

Alex signing his marriage certificate.

Phoebe's turn to sign.

The witness - Alex's father.

The other witness - Phoebe's father to sign.

Sliding in the ring for his wife.

Phoebe: I can't slide it in... Your finger is too big!
Alex: Ouch!
Apparently, the groom's finger was a little too big for the ring.

Phew! Ring is finally on each other's 4th finger.

The couple's wedding band.

The husband and wife with the husband's parents.

Now, the husband and wife with the wife's parents.

The husband and wife with the wife's sister and brother-in-law.

One big happy family.

Kudos to the hero of the day - Mr. Alan Chan. Mission accomplished!

Done with the registration! Hurrah! Husband and wife! This Saturday will be their tea ceremony. Coming up!


lablue said...

will b your turn soon.... :)

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha I can't wait ;p
I heard you are pregnant? CONGRATS! :)

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