Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chili's Mid Valley


After a long weekend full of wedding, I thought I'd take a breather and do what I love best - Retail therapy! After 3 hours of shopping, Vincent complained that he needs to have some rest, so I suggested Delicious cos I know he loves the Iced Chocolate there, and he said OK. As we made our way there, he saw Chili's and straight away changed his mind. He wanted to have this particular dip he had long ago. Since he was such a good fiance for accompanying me do my shopping, I said OK.

There was already a queue at 4pm. I can never quite understand why this place is always crowded.

We ordered the Skillet Queso (RM14.95) - The dip that Vincent wanted. The dip is delicious! It was as good as I remembered it! The cheese was not too heavy - It was just nice Food smiley face

The queso comes with their Tostada Chips and house-made salsa. If I'm out with my gfs, we normally order the Bottomless Tostada Chips.

Since we were there, Vincent wanted to try their burgers too. So he ordered the Oldtimer Burger. We didn't add any cheese cos we know that we will have our stomach stuffed with the cheese from the dip. When we ordered the burger, the waiter did ask how well we wanted the beef to be, and I said medium well. When it was served, the beef was almost done. It was nowhere near medium to well. It was almost well done! Since it's almost well done, it was quite dry and the beef didn't feel tender at all. We were quite disappointed.

You would have thought the service there would be friendly, but the particular waiter that served us was quite stuck up. He was the only one. The others were friendly. Something worth mentioning since this is Chili's.


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