Sunday, September 13, 2009

California Pizza


We decided to have out tea at California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC. We used to come here so very often last time cos we love the salad. LOL I know it is ironic that we are there for their salad instead of pizza, but personally, I do think think that their salad is much nicer. And I reckon I can find better pizza elsewhere.

Vincent ordered a glass of Iced Chocolate. It was quite diluted... Not as good as the one he had in Delicious. One thing I hate most about ordering Iced Chocolate is this. It's supposed to be thick and mouthwatering... Anything diluted, we can get it in mamak - Heck mamak sometimes serve better Milo Iced. Every time an Iced Chocolate is diluted, I feel like puking after having just a sip.

I forgot what was the name of the pizza that I ordered (cos Vincent threw away the receipt yet again), but I remember it was something new in the menu. This taste good! It does not have the typical salad taste (just green vege) but is has some crackers in it with chicken. Thumbs up!


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