Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Tea Ceremony - Jek Chee & Pui Kuan

20.09.2009 - The auspicious date for Jek Chee and Pui Kuan to tie the knot, Chinese customary style. We arrived at the groom's around 8am and Jek Chee was already dressed. Looking excited and happy to seek his wife!

To charge up their energy for a full-force fight later with the ji-mui (bride's best friends), the heng dai (groom's best friends) went for breakfast first. Start off the day with fully-loaded stomach - their own tradition.

Done with breakfast, we returned to the groom's. One of the heng dai drove the decorated wedding car. Color of the ribbon - Purple! Nice!

The teddy bear tied at the front bonnet of the car. To better reflect the couple, we added a cigarette to the male teddy bear! Cute huh?! Pui Kuan will not like this smiley face

All ready and set on the mission to bring his wife back home!

Heng dai with all red jersey - the theme for them that day. No points for guessing the favourite team!

Finally arrived at the bride's. The groom can't get down from the car yet until a male relative who is younger comes open the door for him. Here's a snapshot of the driver, a.k.a. the owner of the car.

As a "photographer", I have the privilege of going into the house without any hurdle. Bride is in the room waiting for her prince charming to come to her.

Before the bride gets busy taking pictures with others, I took a picture with her first! Laughing smiley face Gorgeous bride huh?! Jek Chee is so lucky!

Door is finally opened! Ang pau pls!

The ji muis planning and scheming.

First challenge was especially for the groom. Teh tarik! The higher you "tarik" the tea, the longer your love is for the bride.

"Delicious" cookies - treat from the ji mui to the heng dai. In between the cookie were wasabi and red chili!

Heng dai's have to wear the disposable panty, and the groom is to write the words "I love you Pui Kuan" on the panties with a marker using his mouth! Below, the (un)lucky dudes smiley face

Moving on, the ji mui wrapped the heng dai with girly cloths and drew their makeup. The heng dai's looked happy with the makeup!

This other challenge is something new. One guy will be on top of the other, and the dude on top has to feed the dude at the bottom with his mouth - hands are not allowed! That's Vincent on the floor! Oh no!

A pail of iced-cold water with 3 keys in it. The heng dai will have to take the key out from the pail with his mouth. Brr... Cold!

All the torturing and humiliation the heng dai went through was worth it when their best friend finally make it to the bride. Happy happy couple!

After the tea ceremony at the bride's, we went back to the groom's place.

Here, the groom's younger brother opened the door for his brother and sister-in-law.

Striding back to their new home as husband and wife.

Snapshot. One of the heng dai's trying to look cool in this shot.

With the tea ceremony at the groom's place, the rest of the heng dai went for the buffet lunch which the groom had arranged.

Picture with the blissful wedded couple.

The ji mui's from the heng dai's side. Somehow, this is a very confusing statement.

Heng dai's with their new "sister-in-law".

The ji mui's with the bride.

Wedding reception post is next!


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