Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Steamboat dinner

That weekend, I was in need of something steamy and warm for dinner, so Vincent suggested steamboat. We didn't wanna have steamboat outside Pudu (the porridge steamboat), so Vincent said he saw this Pulau Ketam Steamboat in Yu Lek, Cheras and we thought we'd give it a go.

We were there quite early (at 6pm) and the space is quite huge. Even as early as that time, about 30% of the tables were occupied.

We ordered steamboat for 2, and the soup was tom yam (for him), and mine is the herbal soup (additional RM4.00). Each steamboat per person is RM15.80.

Normally, when we go for steamboat, they will serve us with loads of vege, but for this restaurant, the vege was very little. It's like they were saving on vege... hmm... But their serving for the nomal steamboat food is so-so... Your average portion I would say.

We added meatboll. We thought they will give us about 6 balls, but there was about 15 balls for RM7.20!! We couldn't finish it, so we took it home for Moniq!

Hmm looks yummy rite?

Nothing special compare to your average steamboat, but not a bad place tho. Would I come back? Hmm the answer would be no.

Days to our Registration of Marriage: 29


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