Sunday, December 6, 2009

An amazing discovery...

... For me that is.

I was at Tesco the other day to look for baking utensils etc, and stumbled across this fantastic discovery! smiley face When I first saw it, it looked like a tupperware, but it was too small to keep anything in there for mobility sake. This is how it looks like.

So I read the label that came along with it. Little did I know that this 'lil "tupperware" is a cooking utensil to cook EGG in a microwave! Yes, we can have our usual telur mata kerbau in a nice round shape using a microwave! The hassle saved from heating up a frying pan, pouring the oil, cracking the egg into the pan (and bear with the oil splatting on your hand). Then serve it up, and you still have to go wash the spatula and the pan.

I dunno if there is a name for this, but I've called it the egg cooker (lame). All I have to do is crack the egg into it, pour soy sauce or/and pepper if you like, close the lid, pop it into the microwave and set it at 30 seconds to 1 minute (depending how cook/raw you want your egg to be). The result - Nice, round-shaped egg Happy smiley face

The egg cracked in the egg cooker. You can cook 2 eggs at once but for this round, I only did 1 egg.

The result after having it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Scrap it out of the cooker and serve it. Ta-da! Nice, round egg - No hassle, healthy and easy! The best part?? It costs only RM2.00!! What can I say? We must have more of these convenient items! smiley face

Ps. To scrap the egg easily from the cooker, I lined the cooker with margarine. The egg will come off easier and in a nicer shape. Plus, it's easier to wash the egg cooker without the egg white sticking to it.

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Amanda said...


I think it's called Microwave Egg Poacher. To prevent the eggs from 'exploding', do pierce the yolk first.
Hooray to healthy cooking !

Michelle Y said...

Amanda: Really?! LOL thanks! I'm really ecstatic I found this "toy" hahaha! And 3 cheers to healthy cooking!

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