Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wedding gift from fiance - Swarovski bracelet

We were in Pavilion on Christmas to do some last minute shopping for the preparation for our ROM, and suddenly, Vincent pulled me into Swarovski and asked me to pick a bracelet.
Hmm it was really weird cause he said these kinda things are always overpriced, so I am truly surprised! My mind was thinking "WTF! Is he freaking pulling my leg?" But his face was freaking serious, and he was very persuasive, so I said OK! LoL!

He said I needed to get myself a nice bracelet for the ROM, and he picked up this bracelet with a black round crystal in the middle.
I tried it on but didn't really like it. Freaking RM350 for a small bracelet like that?! Hmm not really the kinda money I want to spend now. So we left.

But we turned back! Hahaha! Vincent insisted to get something nice for ROM, so he told me to get it and asked me to give it one more chance.
Fine, I decided to go back and see if there is anything else.

Then I saw IT! The tiny black bracelet! It was so cute! I tried it on, and I love it! And next thing I know, Vincent is already paying for it!
And home it goes, my first ever Swarovski bracelet!

The code and picture of the bracelet it stuck at the back of the box. Coded stuff.

A small cerficate that came along with the book. They have cleaning service, but only for the crystal.

My ROM bracelet! Will be wearing this for the first time at my ROM this Wednesday to sign the registration papers.

Back home, I kept asking why did he buy this for me. He finally said that it is from him, a wedding gift, to me. Hehehe so sweet! I got a wedding gift from my fiance!

This is a close up picture of the crystal. It is a cat! Hahaha! Yes I don't really like cats (I'm a dog person), but they have nothing else that catches my eye.
And the cat is cute (and not obvious). So I thought "what the hell" and got it!

Thanks to my fiance for the sweet gesture! I really love it and treasure it.
I know he thinks these stuff are overpriced and he is just getting this for me cos I wanted it! Thanks darling! Muaks!

Days to our Registration of Marriage: 1


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