Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas gift to fiance

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way! Merry Christmas everyone!
The Xmas spirit is so high! OMG! LOL!

We have been very busy with the renovation of the house, and I really think we need to pause it to really enjoy this festive season. So to get with the season, I've decided to get a small gift for my fiance. After all, it is my last present to my fiance.
Next year onwards, it's gift for HUSBAND.

The only thing I can think of to get for him is this season's Manchester United jersey for him.
He has wanted this for a long time but we just didn't have the time to get it.
And since it will be a surprise for him, I can only get it during lunch time.

21st Dec 09: 1st day of the mission - Went to Pavilion's Nike to look for it. They ran out of size M. Dammit! So I went to Stadium and they too ran out of size M. Fark!

22nd Dec 09: 2nd day of the mission - Went to Sungai Wang's Al Ikhsan to get it. Saw the jersey in size M and was so excited, but my relief was shortlived. The salesperson burst my bubble saying that it was a training jersey, and they too ran our of size M for MU jersey. OMG double fark! I asked him for help and he sensed my desperation, so he made a few calls to Al Ikhsan branches in Ampang, Puchong and Damansara. Alas! He found it in Damansara!
I begged him to get it transported to KL by tomorrow and he said OK! YAY! Problem solved!

23rd Dec 09: 3rd day of the mission - Was at the bank until 1.40pm and ran all the way to Sungai Wang. Yes! The dude remember me and kept my reservation safe!

I have to say... It was not an easy task getting an MU jersey size M. Piece of advise to those looking for jersey in size M... Apparently, it is very high in demand.
Suggestion for early reservation is totally recommended.

I gave the present to him on 23rd Dec 09 at night. He loves it!! He really likes it! He tried it on and it fits perfectly! Yay! Mission accomplished!

Merry Christmas darling!

Days to our Registration of Marriage: 4


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