Thursday, December 24, 2009

Company Xmas Party 2009

On the 4th of December 2009, our company held its annual dinner. We used to have month end drinks where we drink like nobody's business, but this year, all these are cut back. So for this annual dinner, rumors were flying around that they were gonna drain the whole supply.

The theme for this year is Arabian Night. Let your imagination run wild... Be it Genie, "ninja", camel, etc. The party was held in Parkroyal. Let me just say that we were banned from this hotel for 1 year cos we made a hell of mess one of the Xmas party! LOL!

My fellow bitches, Rock Chic and Shy Flirt.

The dancers they hired for the night. They are both below 20! And they can really shake their hips! Needless to say, the dudes went crazy looking at them!

Some of the pictures with the rest of my colleagues. As you can see, most of them took the effort to go with the theme. I on the other hand, bought my dress from an online blog just 3 days before the party hehehe!

This Xmas party marks my 1st year anniversary of staying sober hahaha! YAY! The last time I got pissed drunk and a bad hangover was the company's Xmas party 2008. This year, I was so sober that I managed to drive home myself!


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