Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dinner + Birthday celebration

On 5th Dec 2009, we had dinner at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant in Puchong. This is the place where the (now pregnant) couple, Jek Chee and Pui Kuan had their wedding reception. There was extra payment for a table, so we went to this restaurant to have dinner.

They have booked a room for this dinner, with 2 tables. Their voucher only covers a table, so we split the other table's bill. Before the dinner, it is picture time - Us, the girls while the dudes talk nonsense, as usual.

Papa Hui and Mama Xian Pin brought along their baby Torres. Look how much he has grown! He is now 8 months old!

We "borrowed" the baby and took a "family" picture LOL! OK-lar... Got potential lar hahaha!

Baby Torres is one cheeky baby! He has this habit that keeps sticking out his tongue, and a cheerful baby! He lets anyone carry him and take picture with him.

The food for that night - As usual, the 9-course dinner.

This is one of the bottles of red wine we brought for the dinner. This wine actually tasted not bad - Not too fruity, yet not too dry. *Note to self: Must stock up this bottle *

It's the December birthday babies - N.G. and Uli. Birthday cake was prepared, and birthday babies must demonstrate the "right" way to drink red wine - which is to drink from the bottle.

That's us! (Almost) All of us! With the new baby Torres, and junior baby of Pui Kuan and Jek Chee. Thanks for this couple for the lovely dinner!

Yet another great night out with fab companion!

Days to our Registration of Marriage: 21


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