Monday, December 7, 2009

Another visit to Ying Ker Lou

Hungry for yet another round of Hakka food, we went over to Ying Ker Lou in Pavilion. They just opened a new branch couple of weeks back. As mentioned in my previous posts, we really love this place because they serve real authentic Hakka food. I should know because my mum is Hakka, and the food serve here is almost the same as my mum's home cooked!

The setting and deco is almost the same as the other branches of Ying Ker Lou, except the air cond here was really strong... full blast!

As usual, their appetizer - Braised peanuts (RM3.00)

Strangely, after our numerous visit to this place, we have yet to try their noodle. We picked this, which is one of their chef recommendation. It's the Hakka Minced Pork Bantiao (RM13.90). This tasted yummy! Those who love salted fish will love this dish. Saltiness just right with a tad of salted fish taste.

My mum always cook this dish for us, and I love her style. When this dish, i.e. Hakka Fried Pork (RM24.00) was served, I really hope it's almost near to my mum's style, and yet again, it did not disappoint me! This tasted almost and very close to the way my mum does it! It's really that good!

A simple dish - Fried Egg with Radish & Sausage (RM13.00)

We ordered the Green Tea for our beverage. Now, we don't normally do this, but I dunno what got into Vincent and he opened the lid of the teapot. We were surprised that instead of using tea bag, they really did use the greet TEA! Literally tea leaves! It was good! Well, for RM4.00 per person, it'd better be good.

Obviously, this will not be our last visit to this place lol!

Lot 1.09 & 1.04, Level 1, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang KL
03-2148 1413

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