Friday, December 25, 2009

Crazie Hen's Night

With my Registration of Marriage (ROM) approaching, my dear colleagues threw me a Hen's Night on 19th Dec 09. One of the best night outs with Rock Chic, Shy Flirt, Karma Bitch and Jeebra! My fellow bitches!

Kicked off the night at this restaurant that serves babi in Changkat. Awesome food, cool hang out. The restaurant even treated us to a shot on the house when we were done! Cool huh?! LOL!

That's us with the strikingly-attention-grabbing ribbon on our neck, lamely (quote Shy Flirt) worn as choker around our neck. But then again, I find those ribbons very cute, with hugs and kisses written all over it! And they got me a white ribbon headband!

Obvously, the bunch of psychos decided to play a game. It was a game on how much I know my "punai" (LOL don't ask me what punai is). They sent a list of questions to Vincent and got him to answer it so that they can quiz me on how good I know my fiance. I "aced" it with a score of 10.5 our of 15! (well I'd say it was 11.5 out of 15 if Rock Chic has not cheated!). Then I got this cute-fancy certificate signed by them. Thanks guys! I really like my scratch-and-win paper!

What is a night out without dancing like crazeee?! We headed on to Envie. It was pretty quiet when we got there, so it was picture time since I've complained on how little pictures we have on our clubbing days. For once, I wanna go home with loads of pictures to choose and select from OK. And I got what I wish! LOL! It was cam-whoring for us.

Us on the dance floor. Shy Flirt is still caught up with Karma Bitch's expression in this picture. Don't isk isk isk bitch!

Acting dumb and fooling with each other's assets LOL!

More pictures and awesome time together.

It was a fun night out with the girls. No stripper cos Karyn refused to strip for me (nya ma)!
Thanks girls for the night! I really appreciate it. Lap lap all! Muaks muaks! Hugs hugs!

Days to our Registration of Marriage: 4


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