Saturday, December 19, 2009

The new Lot 10 foodcourt

For those who haven't already know, the Lot 10 foodcourt downstairs have been under renovation for quite some time. Recently, it has reopened with a breathe of fresh idea (food).

Rumor has it that the chairman of YTL has collected and invited some of the best local food and have them open a stall in this foodcourt.
Some of it includes the Petaling Street porridge, Petaling Street tai chow, Lam mee, beef noodle, etc.

There's just too much to try but we were there after working hours, and most of it were already sold out (!). I saw the lam mee stall is still open for business, so I decided on that.
Not a fan of lam mee, but this dish got me wanting for more! It is delicious! Really recommended!

Vincent ordered wan tan mee with roasted duck. I like the wan tan noodle. It somehow feels very "homemade"... not too commercialised.
The duck was just OK.

We will definitely pay a next visit there very soon to try the other offers there. They all look so scrumptious!

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