Monday, March 1, 2010

Bai Tin Gong - 8th/9th day of CNY

It was the 8th day of CNY. For the Hokkien, this is the real deal - Bai Tin Gong. This is considered the biggest celebration for the Hokkien dielect. For this year, I went back to my dad's to celebrate this day with hubby.

This is the first time since I've moved out, and first time for hubby. I told him that it is really huge at my dad's. Everything is done in a larger scale, and in elaborate style.

This is the table that is used to set the offering to the God. Check out the amount of food!

This is the Sugar Statue. A must for Pai Tin Gong. These things are very fragile. They are heavy and if you knock or drop them, it will break, and that can't happen.

The "Ting Liao" my dad ordered. Huge and at this time of the year, it is expensive.

Another necessity for the Pai Tin Gong - the sugarcane.

Joss stick for prayers. All 3 of us took a while to light up each stick.

For my brother, he is just excited to play the firecrackers he has. Unfortunately, he can't stay awake until we finish the prayers. He had to go to bed after he prayed at 12am.

After about an hour and the half of prayers, we stack the "Ting Liao" and the prayers papers together to be burnt. There is certain technique to place all these so that it doesn't tumble during the burning, or the fire getting too big to control. The fire will continue to burn until the next morning!

For those who have not met my other brother, here he is. That is my brother chopping the roast pig with the help of my dad. Usually my dad would be the one to do this, but he has backache and we did not allow him to squat down or bend down. It was not an easy task. The pig was huge and it took a lot of energy to chop it.

Hehehe that's me with my "friend" - the pig. Born in the year of pig, hubby asked me to take a picture with my friend LOL!

After eating and chatting a while more, we packed a few items back. One of it is the dumpling, which my dad cooked and wrapped himself.
We reached our home at 4am, and only hit the sack at about 4.45am. Tired~~


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