Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hoi Gong Cau @ Ampang Waterfront

This is the final post on this year's CNY. After all the dinners/lunches at the closing year of the Ox, this is the first "hoi gong cau". Loosely translated "open business dinner" - A dinner to start your business.

Our own BYO - Must have for us. Hubby and I really like the big bottle.

Cute lil Torres Go dressed in bumble bee attire - Totally equipped with the wings.

Another kid that joined us for this dinner is Uli's niece - Miao Miao. Cute cute~~~

It was still CNY on the 26th March 2010. So, Yee Sang is one of the dishes served. And also my final Yee Sang for the year of the Tiger.

Dishes served for that night. For the amount we paid, it is definitely worth the price. Fish was especially fresh and tasty.

Going with the theme of CNY, the desserts were very special. It was Fried Lin Gou and Tong Yun (Glutinous Rice Ball). Yummy!

Now, the real "dessert"! Cheers to the drinkers for the night!


And drink!

And drank!
Now, drunk! Demonstrating the way to vomit.

See the drunkenness. He lost his shoe!

I'm still sober hehehe!

Now, group picture time. Spot the different in this picture:

With this:

And this:

This is the first time hubby is carrying a baby. He has always been afraid to carry Torres as he's afraid he will hurt him. But that night, he did carried him. But the baby doesn't like him hehehe!

Finishing this post with this cute picture of Torres - A change of style. Check out the cool baby!


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