Friday, March 26, 2010

Call to do our part for Mother Nature

Yes peeps... It is our turn to "pay" our debt to Mother Nature. During the Earth Hour, we are urged to switch off our lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm to help fight the evolving climate change we are facing.

Take the recent incident in Perth for example. The storm that happened affected hundreds of thousands. My best friend who's living in Perth told us about the horrific incident. Apparently, the size of the ice rain was as big as a tennis ball! It destroyed the cars. Luckily, my best friend's new place was safe from the storm.

Hmm... Maybe it's karma. We have used the earth's resources, but who is responsible enough to return it to Mother Nature? Even with all the recycling and environmental efforts, I hardly see anyone participating in it.

Peeps should just take a break and rethink what we should do to help with the environment problem we are facing.

For myself, I have always been against the unnecessary use of plastic bags. I recycle ALL my plastic bags, even the small ones. The bigger ones are being used for garbage bin.

I don't understand why people still need to BUY garbage bags from supermarket/hypermarket. Why can't they just recycle from the plastic bags they got from their usual grocery shopping? They could save the $$ and the world too.

I do have a confession though, which I'm ashamed to admit. I bought the sandwich bag that, in a way, promotes the use of plastic bags. Sigh... I shouldn't have done it. I initially bought it cos I thought it was cool to carry my sandwiches like that instead of a normal tupperware. I guess I'm still thinking like a high school gal, trying to act all cool (but failed!)!

What I can do now is to recycle and reuse the bag a few times before throwing it out. I dunno if it is advisable or hygienic, but I can only think of this way to redeem myself.

Well, I know this is gonna sound corny and all, but we do have to save the earth for our future. I wouldn't want my grandchildren to see how a tree looks like from (!)

Last year, we took part in the Earth Hour. We, as in myself and my colleagues. I was reminded that last year, we were at Rock Chic's house warming party. At 8.30pm, which was halfway through the party, we switched off the lights and fan! Damn gung-ho rite?! That was a night to remember.

Partly because Rock Chic got f**king drunk on her own house warming party at 9pm! What a host! Myself and Shy Flirt had to take over as co-hosts for the night, FOC! It's OK... We still luv Rock Chick!

For this year's Earth Hour, we will be attending another party. This time, it is for baby Torres' birthday parrttyyy! He is 1 year old! My, how time flies! In a flash, it has been a year since!

So, I strongly urge you all to participate and support this noble cause. We have to do our part as a "tenant" on earth. It is really time to do something... And this is just a simple thing, which won't cost you much, or anything at all!

FLICK OFF your LIGHTS! For only 1 hour!

Peace out!


Amanda said...

Yeah, I rmb her going MIA.. but I don't remember the lights off part tho.haha !

Michelle Y said...

Haha I totally forgot about it until Justine reminded me! The lights were off I remember. I remember Mudi was complaining why did we off the fan as well.
Oh Justine slept with her toilet bowl that night!

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