Saturday, March 27, 2010

Double Happiness Wedding Bed Sheet

Customarily, we need to buy and install a new bed for wedding purpose. This is supposedly for fertility (LOL!). For us, it is definitely unnecessary to get a new bed as we have been sleeping on a new bed for less than year by Sept.

With the evolving customs and cultures, nowadays, we can have a substitute for this culture, which is to have a new bed sheet. The bed sheet is normally a picture of dragon and phoenix and obviously must be red color. Now, this is very traditional and kinda uncool. I really can't take out this bed sheet and reuse it, but it will definitely be a waste if I don't use it again.

Then just that eventful weekend, we found the PeRFecT bed sheet for our wedding. We bought it from Aussino.

Just the other day I received the info on Aussino sale from this link.
And just when we were just checking out the Aussino in Mid Valley, we found our little wedding bed sheet.

The range of our bed sheet is from the Royal Symphony line. If I'm not mistaken, it is about 450 thread count, which is higher than my expectation. It is obviously red, and have delicate but very distinctive "double happiness" Chinese character on the bed sheet.

The set that we got is the full set, which includes Queen size quilt cover, 2 pillow cases and 1 bolster case. for the Queen size fitted sheet, we have to purchase it separately. Total set was about RM300. This price is after 50% discount. We got an extra 10% discount because I am a member. We reckon it was a good deal. Well, at least I'm sure we will use it again, and still be kinda cool!


-deniece- said...

Hello! My name is Deniece. I stumbled upon your blog when I typed Zen Residence on Google :) Understand that you got yourself a unit there. Actually, I'm quite interested to get one unit there as well for own stay :)

What do you think about that place? I've not been to that place, planning to go there soon. My concern is the developer as this is their first development.

But overall based on their website, I'm pretty impressed by the entire concept of the project. Hope to hear from your opinion :) THanks!

Michelle Y said...

Hi Deniece! :) Nice of you to drop by my blog.
For Zen Residence, we bought it about a year ago, and it is Block A. My hubby and I really love the concept and the package offered by the developer, thus took the plunge and signed the S&P.

I hear your worries too. That was one of our worry but my hubby found out that although this is a new development for the developer, they used to be consultant for Sunway Pyramid... So, I'd guess they do have a basic level of experience and knowledge.

With this blog, I have met a neighbor and he bought Block B. I do agree that their overall concept is very captivating.

I hope my opinion will somehow help you with your decision. Thanks again for dropping by :)

-deniece- said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for your opinions :) Today, I went to the show unit and it has definitely attracted us with the nice layout of the units, the concepts of the entire project, the security features, the lanai area, the spacious bathroom and etc.

Truly captivating! We're actually looking at an unit in Block A facing the pool view and it's on the lower floor. Really hope that whatever they have promised in terms of the security & environment is the same as previously my parents bought a condo but it didn't turn out as how it was supposed to be!

Anyway, just want to check with you as this is my first time purchasing a property. Is it true that we only need to pay RM 7k for downpayment and need not pay a single cent until we get the keys?

Thanks again for your sharing! Hope that we'll be neighbor too! Haha

Anonymous said...

I am a ZEN buyer too. Ya the developer will bare the construction interest.

What you need to double comfirm is wheather your loan package got cover 100% of the legal fees or not, if not it may cause you to pay the different.....

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