Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Training & Lunch @ Istana Hotel

My team attended a half-day training yesterday in Istana Hotel. It was conducted by our very own Linguarama trainer, Bob. He flew from London to conduct a few public training, so my boss has decided to extend his stay to benefit us from his expertise.

Since the venue is in Istana Hotel, the training covers buffet lunch for us too! Actually, this is the reason that got my colleagues excited to join the training!

Check out the buffet lunch offered by Istana Hotel:

The salad. My stomach didn't have enough space to try this at all... Too bad.

An elaborate collection of baked goods. Can't try this either. What to do? Have to TRY to stick to my diet for my wedding...

This is their curry range. I have been staying away from anything chili, but the smell of this was really alluring, and I can't help myself. The lamb curry was absolutely yummy, though it was a tad too spicy for my taste bud.

The pasta array. I tried a little of this, and it was really delicious! The chef that prepares the pasta was really generous with the ingredients.

Normally, this section serves the roast lamb or beef, but they served fried chicken and prawn here. I saw many of my colleagues took the fried prawns, so I guess it must be good!

Your very own DIY-ABC! 2 of my colleagues were very curious to try this out and made a very high ABC.

The Chinese food lineup.

The wide variety of desserts. Especially the tiramisu, it was extremely tasteful and light!
Overall, the variety offered by Istana Hotel compared to Price Hotel was better. Although the food is just OK, the wide selection is appetizing enough.


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