Friday, March 5, 2010

Prosperous Lion Dance

A must for ME is the lion dance. We have this every year where the lion dance group will come to our office on both levels to welcome the new year and prosperity to all.

This year, we have 2 lions, and one of it is in our department.

For the lion to flourish and bring you good luck for the new year, we will leave a red packet and mandarin oranges at our desk for the lion. Not everyone will do this, so what we did was to place the oranges at boss' desk. In a way, it signifies the whole Marketing department.

The lion doing its dance and peeling the oranges.

Let's all hope for a more prosperous new tiger year for all!


Amanda said...

Was he even in the office when the Lion Dance took place?

Michelle Y said...

Amanda: LOL! Of all the days, he was out-of-the-office on that particular day!

Amanda said...

I thought so :)

Michelle Y said...

Amanda: You really do know him very well! :)

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