Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hubby's Bird Nest

My hubby has promised to take care of me for the rest of his life - That is the oath he has taken. And he knows that my health don't exactly score an A. So, being a Chinese, he has always make me drink more soup and also herbal tea to strengthen my health.

One day before the CNY break begun, he told me that he has ordered 2 boxes of bird nest from his colleague who is going back to Sabah for CNY. Apparently, it is much cheaper there.

Upon returning from the break, true enough, his colleague brought back 2 boxes of bird nest! I was so touched that my hubby actually bought it for me. For a box like this, it was selling at RM200 in Sabah. The other day, I saw a supermarket in KL selling half of this quantity at RM250! What a huge difference!

I have drank bird nest before, but I have no idea on how to boil it. I mean, we don't even have a slow cooker at our home! What a joke rite?! But hubby had it all planned out. He went to his mum's and borrowed her slow cooker. The very next day, we went to a supermarket near our place to look for rock sugar and red dates, but, to our disappointment, only found rock sugar. Sigh...

But on that very same day, there is a night market going on. We thought we'd give it a try and we found red dates selling there! So we bought it and started boiling it!

His mum told us to start the process with hot boiling water. Before we throw in the bird nest into the slow cooker, we have already soak it in water for about 1.5 hours. We fill the slow cooker with hot water, bird nest, and the washed red dates.

After about 3 hours, we throw in the rock sugar. And after another 30 minutes, the bird nest is served.

Since I'm the only person drinking it, all the bird nest is for me! Yay all mine! Even though this is our first time using the slow cooker to cook the bird nest, it was a success! It tasted soooooo good! Red dates aroma was just nice too! Perfect!

Special thanks to my hubby for doing this for me!!!


Steanie Tai said...

So nice :D
My valentine's gift is Bird Nest also, keke..

Michelle Y said...

Steanie: So nice of your husband! He wanna strengthen your body to prepare for baby hehehe! :)

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