Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Valentine's Day Pressie to Hubby

This was an unplanned V-Day gift for hubby. He has been searching high and low for his futsal shoe. The only interest he has is football. So it is acceptable that he "splurges" on items for his futsal.

He initially had his eyes on Nike, but we have searched Nike in Pavilion, Nike in The Curve, Nike in Cineleisure, Nike in Times Square and Al Ikhsan in BB Plaza but can't find the design that he wants, or if we have the specific design, they don't have the size.

So I suggested him to look at other brands instead, and saw this shoe from Adidas!

He looked at it and said "hmm not bad" and asked for the size, and voila! They have it in his size! Tried it, and happy with the shape (apparently the front shape of the shoe plays a role for him to dribble the ball) and design and color, he OK-ed it, and I bought it for him - as a V-Day gift.


Steanie Tai said...

Hey, I heard from my mom that we cannot buy shoe to our partner, for some not so good reason.. Pls get your hubby to pay you back 50cents, or 10cents will do, my mom teached too..

Michelle Y said...

Steanie: I think the believe is that you are giving your partner a shoe to run/walk away from you. LOL! Thanks for the tip tho!

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