Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bridal Studio - Engaged!

Now that we are back to reality, I have to focus my attention to the most important event for this year - my WEDDING.

Early this year, I have booked with a bridal studio (BS). It was bought in Jan 2010 at the bridal fair in Mid Valley.

The BS that we have engaged is called Eyeshot.

The package that we have bought includes for both pre-wedding (PW) shoot and actual day (AD) services. The pre-wedding services include:
  • All soft copies return - DVD 1 set
  • 2 days photoshoot (Indoor or both outdoors)
  • 15 x 30 album (40 poses)
  • 15 x 30 album (35 poses)
  • 12 x 16 album
  • 22 x 48 photo frame
  • 24 x 36 photo frame
  • 10 x 12 photo frame (2 sets)
  • DVD montage with 2 songs
  • Signature book with photo
  • 1 pre-wedding videography
  • 4 wedding dresses with 4 matching groom's attire for pre-wedding photoshoot
  • 4 makeup & hairdo
  • 1 DVD set with touch up photo

The AD photography:
  • All shots return
  • 1 photographer for tea ceremony
  • 2 photographers for dinner reception
  • 2 wedding gowns + 1 dinner dress
  • Makeup artist for both 2 days
  • DVD montage (with 1 song)
  • 200 copies of 4R pictures
  • And etc stuff like car deco for actual day

We finally made an appointment to Eyeshot to discuss our photoshoot details and to fix a date for gown trials and photoshoot day. The dates are:

Gown trial --> 4th April 2010
1st day photoshoot --> 21st April 2010
2nd day photoshoot --> 24th April 2010

Where to shoot? Still in deliberation. We still need to do more research. So for now, we have 2 missions, which are:

  1. Research for venue for photoshoot and poses, hairstyle, etc.
  2. Diet!
LOL wish us luck!


Steanie Tai said...

Wish you both best luck !
Enjoy the photoshoot process and wedding preparation, those are precious memories..

Michelle Y said...

Steanie: Thanks dear!! Really need it!
Yes I will! Though it's not easy when I have no time and tight budget to work with hehehe!

Gabby said...

hi michelle, i'm also very interested with Eyeshot.. mind sharing wit me your package price.. your package details looks reli reli enticing.. :)

Michelle Y said...

Hi Gabby. Sure. PM me your email address and I'll send you the details :)

saltvinegar said...

Cool ur package looks comprehensive! How much does it cost?

Michelle Y said...

Thanks babe! Hmm the total is about RM8K.
Many has asked how much is the whole package... Might as well just state it here :)

Gabby said...

wow.. rm 8k?? u lucky gurl.. :)

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