Monday, March 29, 2010

Zhen Liew Siang in Sentul

This is one of the many restaurants that we loyally patronise. It is called the Zhen Liew Siang in Sentul.

I was first introduced to this restaurant by my mum! LOL! She brought me here and said the food here is very good and it gets crowded very fast. True enough, after our first visit, I really enjoy the food here. Apparently, this restaurant originated from 2 brothers. They both started the business together, but due to some misunderstanding, they parted and went separate ways. Well, this is the story I heard.

Since the food here is so delicious, I brought hubby here to try it once, and he too savored the food here, and has always try to look for time to come here for the food.

We always try to make it early cos this place gets very crowded even before 6pm. These people actually take the effort to come early to have dinner and get a place.

Check out the menu. Don't expect to come here and enjoy a relaxing environment with beautifully decorated menu. This is what you get! Good luck to those that don't read Chinese!
Anyhoo, don't fret, non-Chinese-reading peeps. Just go there and order these dishes. You won't go wrong.

The first dish is this Hot Plate Sotong and Prawn something. LOL! After eating here a few times, we still have no idea what is the full name of this dish. Whenever we mention the word "hot plate", the person taking the order will know instantly because this is their ever-famous dish.

The second recommended dish is their "Lam Yue Fried Chicken". This ain't your typical fried chicken you get. It has the "lam yue" taste, and it's not overly oily. We had 4 pairs of chicken wing to eat, and hubby got greedy and ta pau 4 more pairs of chicken wings.
If those 2 dishes aren't enough, there is another dish that I'd like to recommend, which is the "Sioung Tung Clam". This is another dish that we really like but we can't order this cos we can never finish it anymore.

So we have to settle for a dish of vegetable.

Total bill came up to RM43, which is very reasonable. I dunno what is the exact price for each dish because they don't have the receipt.

Hubby and I are very satisfied with the food, and vow to come back again soon... very soon.


Steanie Tai said...

Wah.. very hungry now.. Suffer to look at all these..

Michelle Y said...

LOL come back to KL and enjoy the food here. Then only go back to SG!

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