Monday, March 22, 2010

Colors of my wedding

To be considerate, I need to let my bridesmaids know what is the color theme for the tea ceremony (TC) and the dinner reception so that they will have ample time to coordinate the color dresses and get the dress that they want.

I reckon for Asians, we do not customise dresses for bridesmaids. I would want to, but there is no budget (sorry gals!). Plus, not all my girlfriends have the same taste in dresses. So it wouldn't be fair to force them to wear something that they don't like. I'll end up like bridezilla.

Initially, I have decided for them to wear white for the TC. I thought it would be dreamy and perfect with a wash of white... But when I come across pictures of bride with bridesmaids in white, it doesn't quite project the image or effect that I want.

Take this picture for example. It is quite difficult to kinda decide who is the bride, unless you squint and analyse the picture thoroughly.
Then I thought maybe the girls can wear a red or gold accessories, say a belt. LOL but that is highly unlikely cos not everyone is gonna wear a piece of clothing that allows a gold/red belt. Plus, my sister, who is my maid of honor will be wearing white too. Overload of white??

After a while, I thought of BLUE. To be precise and to avoid the girls coming in different shades, maybe a navy blue, like below.

But this could prove to be a headache too cos navy blue is too close to black. Call me superstitious, I wouldn't want black at my wedding. Typical Chinese hah!

So maybe BABY BLUE?

Hmm I can practically hear my girlfriends yelling a strong NO already. Plus, they might look like a gang of Alice from Alice in Wonderland - Not a good sight.

So I google-d a few more varieties of blue bridesmaid dresses, and got this link.

But I guess no matter how clearly define blue I want, it is highly not feasible for them to get it, and they are all in different location, so they can't go shopping together and decide which color suit them ALL.

If, a huge IF I could afford their dresses, I would want something like this:

Or maybe a blue maxi for all of them:

Or something like this, where they could choose which design they want from these:

Unfortunately, I do not have that budget, and also, I found out that blue is not encourage in Chinese wedding because it symbolizes death/funeral (yes, I am superstitious).

So, what choice am I left with?

Yellow? --> Too tricky and won't suit all of my bridesmaids' skin color.
Orange? --> Yet another tricky color and is difficult to get color like this.
Green? --> Not my favourite color.

After a very frustrating and long research (and also discussing with hubby on color coordination with his heng dais), I have decided to stick to the classic but always-does-its-job color - RED!

Red will definitely stand out from the crowd, and it looks good when so many of us are wearing red. The red sea will look absolutely fabulous!

With that decided, I need to inform my bridesmaids of the change of plan (and hope they don't kill me for the change of color).

And also get their wrist corsages - which is my next item to research... Although I basically already made up my mind on the color. It is either white, or PURPLE!

Why purple?

Because that is the color theme of my dinner reception - white and purple. Will update more as my research takes me.



Steanie Tai said...

:) No matter how we like other colors for our wedding, we'll forever take red at the end.. hehe...
I can imagine your tea ceremony with a sea of red people.. :D Sure looks nice.. Recalled my wedding tea ceremony, my hengdais and jimuis all is my hubby's langkawi peoples, they wear different colors.. Like rainbow lol...

Michelle Y said...

That's true gal! I have so many colors in my mind, but in the end, I chose red. "Ang ang" (Red red)!
Yours in rainbow color?! That's something different and special! I didn't get to see the pictures tho...

Steanie Tai said...

Ang ang.. haha good one..
I don have pics for langkawi tea ceremony and nite dinner, bcoz in langkawi they use to take video for the whole wedding ceremony.. 2 dvds taken and my in law burn them into many copies and distribute to the langkawi ppls lol..
Good morning thursday ya, happy working day :)

Michelle Y said...

Ooh it's all video huh? Can post it up in youtube and send me the link. At least I can look at the "rainbow"! :)
Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!

Steanie Tai said...

Wahahah the video super long, even got the scene that the videoman climbed up a lorry and follow our 'chutmun' car and hengdais cars on the langkawi road towards my in law house for tea ceremony, and they put hokkien song as background music, yerr.. think only aunties uncles would want to watch it lol...
Anyway so happy you are interested, hahhaa... I'll see if I can upload it.. Wil let you know if i do so :D :D

Michelle Y said...

Hokkien song? Seriously?! LOL that is so cute! Hahaha!
Of course I would be interested. It's sharing your fabulous day with ya! Why not?
Do keep me posted honey! :)

Steanie Tai said...

Ok ok :) Muaks..

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