Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Noodle

Last 2 Saturdays, we were in SS2 for our appointment with our bridal studio. Hubby wants to eat first cos he thinks he's gonna be a long appointment, and where else to try something new but in SS2 itself!

Since we have no specific requirement, we went to the one that we can find a parking at. This place is called One Noodle.

We roughly checked out the menu and was informed that their La Mien is really good. Then I saw it! The pineapple pau just sparkled from their display rack. I had to have it!

One of the recommended dishes, the Pineapple Pau (Po Lou Pau) - RM5.80 for 3.

It is not an empty filling. It has Char Siew in it, and it tasted really delicious! The smell and taste of the pineapple is really strong. I reckon the best Po Lou Pau I've tasted in KL so far!

Then, another classic order for dim sum treat is the Egg Tart (RM4.80). The egg part is really fresh and tasty, and the pastry part is really soft yet crispy. I really like it, and so does hubby.

I saw this picture in their menu, and I haven't even read what it is but have decided to just go ahead to order it. So the name of this is Fried Crispy Roll (RM5.60 with 30% discount). The outer part was really crispy. I really like this, but I can't finish it. Neither could both of us cos we weren't feeling very well that weekend. I shouldn't have order this, but I was just being greedy! We took it back home but even then, we couldn't take another bite... Cos we both fell sick then.

Another must-have is the Steam Pork Dumpling (Siew Long Pau) - RM5.60 (30% discount). The skin is a little bit thicker than usual. I'd prefer the one from Dragon-I though.

Since the restaurant features La Mien, we must order one. This is the Superior Prawn Soup La Mien - RM12.80. The prawn paste soup has a very distinctive prawn smell and taste! Something like our Chinese Prawn Mee, but this has a different twist to it, which has lesser chili taste.

Overall, we really like this place. It's just too bad that we both fell sick that weekend and couldn't really enjoy the food. *Making a mental note* Must come for a second try next time.

No. 66 & 68, Jalan SS2/67, PJ
603-7877 8499


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