Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Malacca

Yes, it is yet another round of Cuti-cuti Malaysia with hubby and his friends. This holiday was planned during CNY this year. We need 1.5 months heads up cos most of them are very busy people. This is the only date that all of them could make it.

I've always thought that the journey to Malacca is 2 hours, at the very least. But it took us only an hour to get to Malacca. LOL don't ask me how fast was hubby driving at... It was preeetttyyy fast! I had to hang on to my seat belt at times!

Now, hubby is asleep cos he's really drained out from the trip... I guess he is an uncle now LOL!

Pictures and memories coming up next!
For now, I am looking at the pictures taken and reminiscing this trip. Yet another fond memory to add to my list~~~


uLi.佑莉 said...

We have fun time over there :D

Michelle Y said...

I agree! Such happy and fond memories :)

Anonymous said...

Ya... until ... Baby Gal also wan to fast fast born out to join us for another round in malacca...

especially ..the CAKE

Michelle Y said...

She must have missed the food in Malacca!
I miss the cake too... But I kinda found a substitute here. Will try it soon

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