Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recommended Taiwanese restaurant!

This is a recommended restaurant. If you are looking for Chinese food but bored with the typical Malaysian Chinese cuisine, do try the Taiwanese Chinese food. And if you do try it, do go to the Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room in Sunway Pyramid.

We were deciding to go for this or the pasta restaurant, but we are glad that we try this place instead. I saw the picture of the Chicken 3 Variety, I couldn't resist it! Since it was our lunch, I've decided to get the set for this, which costs RM18.90. This is absolutely divine! Being a fan of anything with black sauce, I fell in love with this dish, literally. The 3 variety includes sweet, sour and salty! A great mixture! This is the dish that I really felt like having a second serving!

The set came with this...

...And this soup. This soup is utterly flavorful! We were surprise that this soup given FOC can actually taste so good!

Additional main course top up is this Sweet & Sour Pork (RM13.90). Having this dish and chewing the pork is pleasantly delightful. It was not overly sweet, and also has the sour taste from the tomato paste. So mouthwatering!

For the rice, we were given a choice of of plain white rice or the Braised Pork Rice, which was our pick. Although the braised pork looks quite fatty, take it away, the sauce against the white rice was just perfect! Even myself on a diet couldn't resist it and push in the carbs into my overweight body LOL!

One thing that I wouldn't recommend is this Yam Cake (RM7.90). There is no taste at all. Such a waste to order this.

For the beverages, I ordered the Dragon Fruit Juice (RM5.90). They added lemon in it as well and made this drink so blissful. It cured my thirst right away!

This drink by Vincent is recommended by the staff - Calamansi (RM6.90). Not really our cup of tea, but it is not too bad.

We undeniably like this place! We will come for a second visit soon. The only turn-off is the distance.

LG1.7 & LG1.8, Oasis Boulevard Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Mall
03-5631 3322


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