Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Half a decade, and counting...

Last Friday was one of the important dates in our lives together. It was our 5th anniversary. This is the dating anniversary. Now, we have more dates to remember, so many anniversaries to keep up with.

I was excited about this date roughly 2 weeks prior to it. So the other day...

Me: Our anniversary is approaching. Where should we do this year?
Hubby: Huh? What anniversary?
Me: Anniversary lar! What anniversary?!
Hubby: Wedding anniversary is end of this year lar... You got it wrong.
Me: I'm not referring to wedding anniversary lar! Our dating anniversary!!
Hubby: Ohh that anniversary. Eh, I thought married dy, all other dates don't matter anymore... Only ROM date counts?
Me: *&$^$*&^@*#

Since our anniversary falls on a Friday, the plan was to go shopping after work, then dinner at 7.30pm, and finish off with a movie.

The place we have chosen to have our dinner is Tamarind Hills. Initially, I wanted to go for Italian food in Tamarind Springs. That is too far and too tiresome to go on a Friday evening. Thus, hubby took a short cut solution and settle for this restaurant. Same company, just nearer and much more convenient. Hubby made up by taking the initiative to make the reservation. Peeps there only hold the reservation for 30 minutes.

Tamarind Hills @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

I've never notice this restaurant along Jalan Sultan Ismail. I guess it's because it's quite secluded and there is a flight of stairs leading up to the restaurant.

Flight of stairs leading to Tamarind Hill

Upon arrival, hubby took a picture of a picture in the restaurant, and was told that no pictures allowed in the restaurant, unless the picture is to take a picture of person/people. Such cockiness.

Fine. So I had to be a part-time model so that we can still take some pictures for our memories.

This is the complimentary Tamarind Juice. Quite sourish, so I didn't finish it.

Tamarind Juice

After ordering our food and wine, we went around the restaurant to check out the place. The place is quite exquisite. It has lots of greenery and made the place very serene. Very refreshing to see a little forest in the middle of the city.

We managed to take this photo with myself standing at the side. Crop myself out cos I was posing crazily and is not meant for public LOL!

Scenery @ Tamarind Hill

One of the sections in the restaurant for dining. This place is very romantic, but it is non- air-conditioned. Mosquito are everywhere. We were seated in the restaurant and I had to specifically request for a mosquito repellent.

One of the dining sections

We ordered a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon red wine (RM180). Again, we failed to take a picture because the waiter came and say "No picture". This is the 2nd time. Fine.

Then our food came. I ordered this Soft Shell Crab (RM38) and took up my camera. This is the food I ordered, and I want to photograph it for my own memory. No commercial purpose whatsoever. Then the waitress came and say "No picture". This is the 3rd time.

I told myself to be patient and put my camera aside.

Soft Shell Crab

We also ordered the Red Tom Yam with Lobster (RM32) & Grilled Chicken Pandan Leaves (RM32), which I managed to photograph part of it as I was taking a picture of hubby.

Now here comes the annoying part. I saw hubby putting the sotong into his mouth and told him to hold it cos I wanna take a picture of him eating it. So *SNAP* + *FLASH*
And then, someone tap my shoulder from the back and said "No picture". That was IT! I've had enough. I wasn't even taking picture of their freaking precious food arrangement or their tastefully decorated restaurant. I was just taking a picture of my own husband eating! Do I need a written B&W approval from there beforehand before doing that?!

Like OMG! Really ridiculous. I stared at the chef (the dude that tapped my shoulder) and rolled my eyes, and said "I know. I was taking picture of my husband". This is the most polite and decent answer I could summon at that time. If it wasn't our anniversary, I would have yelled at him! I don't wanna spoil our dinner because of these irrelevant peeps.

Hubby having Tom Yam Sotong

Although they have ridiculous rules, I must say that their food are absolutely scrumptious and yummy! Very tasty. Their Tom Yam is to die-for. Not overly spicy, and the level of sourness is just perfect. Even the Grilled Chicken was just splendid!

Us @ 5th anniversary celebration

Other than those dishes, we have also ordered the Mix Vegetables (RM18). They added their very own Tamarind recipe in it, and it tasted rather different but pleasantly savory. Also included in our bill was the Steam Jasmine Rice (RM4) and Mineral Water (RM7).

Total bill came up to RM357.65 (Service charge 10% + Tax 5%)

It would have been a marvellous night and romantic dinner, if it wasn't for those annoying "no picture" words. Really, it was such a put-off.

So anyways, we were suppose to continue the night with a movie. Silly hubby bought the tics, but on the wrong dates. He bought it for a Saturday night movie instead of a Friday. We even embarrassed ourselves cos we thought a couple sat on our seats. We compared our tics with them, only to realise that we got our dates wrong! Such humiliation! All hubby's fault.

But he made it up by buying the same movie on Sunday.

A memorable conversation:
Hubby: How many years have we been dating huh?
Me: You don't know?!
Hubby: I know! I'm asking you. You tell me!
Me: Yeah right. I don't believe you. You type the answer in you phone, and I type mine and we compare it.
Hubby: Err... I know wan... Hmm... Definitely less than 5 years.
Me: [Threw napkin at him] It's exactly 5 years lar!! *Shaking my head*
Hubby: Really ar? Wah so long dy... Hmm...
Me: *faint*

Happy Anniversary to hubby! More anniversaries to come, and more dates to remember. Set it in your mobile lar!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based entirely on our personal experiences and tastebuds. We also declare that we have not receive any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for expressing our thoughts.


Steanie Tai said...

Happy 5th Anniversary to both of you :)
Btw, the wine nice ? Last time used to go there for wine event, coz my ex co supplies the wines.. hehe.. There's a nice craft shop at the back if I'm not mistaken..
You managed to take a few pics ya, although the waitress said no picture.. :D

Michelle Y said...

Thanks! :)
The wine is actually very very good. Not too dry.
But I didn't see any craft shop. There is a pub nearby lar...
Hahaha most of the pictures have us in the picture... Even that also they wanna make a big deal. Sigh they ruin my romantic night.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Congrats! I tried the Tamarind Spring at Ampang one, very cozy and nice...so near to the nature :) Probably you should try this branch next time :)

Michelle Y said...

Thanks! Yeah we should. If only I can get him to venture out of KL. He's less adventurous hehehe!

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