Sunday, April 18, 2010

My PrECioUSssSs

Shoes shoes shoes! The loves of my life!

I love shopping... And more loves for shoe-shopping! Can never ever EVER say no to buying shoes.

You know love at first sight? It happens to me ALL the time! The love for shoes!

For my wedding photoshoot, I went craaazzyyy with shoe-shopping. Normally, I won't spend more than RM80 for a pair of shoes. This is for daily shoes.

But for wedding, I have allocated higher budget! Tee-hee! No, I can't afford Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik... But at least it is higher budget than usual. I'm glad already!

My selection of shoes is not your typical wedding shoes... As in those diamante and sparkle and lots of stones. I want something different... Something that has today's design, but would still be acceptable in the future.

So, here are my babies LOL!

This is from Lewre, which I got from Isetan, Lot 10. Actually hubby spotted this shoe first (his taste is not bad rite?). I will be using this for my tea ceremony. The special characteristic of this shoe is the key and lock on the strap.

Side view

Front view

Another shoe from Lewre, which I got it from Isetan, Lot 10 as well. Will be using this for my photoshoot. But it's black you say? I have a wedding gown that has black details, and this will go perfectly with my dress! Also, I plan to wear this again for my dinner reception. It is a classic black! Can never go wrong!

Side view

Front view

Shoe made in Italy, Fiorucci. So far, the most expensive shoe! This is not your typical wedding shoes. I will be using this shoe for my casual photoshoot in KL. I'll be wearing a short dress, so my shoes have to be striking and attention-grabbing. I love how this shoe looks so futuristic. Love the gorgeous blue against the white.

Side view

Front view

This is from Studio Tangs. I got it for 30% discount, and additional 20% discount! What a great deal! I love the height of this shoe, and it's white! Yet another shoe that is not typical, and I can use it again for work or dinners. This shoe is so flawless that I can sleep with it!

Side view

Front view

So anyhoo, since Tangs was having sale, I saw this cute lil shoe on the discount rack, and found my size! What luck! Tried it on, and it looked fab! Just the thing for work. It was 50% discount, and additional 40% discount. How can I resist?!

I do have another pair which I've used for my ROM. For the sake of showing my shoe collection (LOL), here is a picture of it. This is a picture from my photographer. Lovely red shoe from NYC that I got in Debenhams, Mid Valley. If I'm not mistaken, it was on 20% discount when I got it last year.

ROM shoes

Special thanks to hubby for being patient and his opinions during my shoe-shopping trips. He really has been patient enough for going through all these with me! Muaks!


uLi.佑莉 said...

The blue one is nice ^^

lablue said...

u r really a shoe lover, i like most of them, but just cant bare their height, lol

Michelle Y said...

Thanks! Really love the color pop in that shoe.

Hey ya!
Yes I am hahaha! I have a closet full of shoes, and I don't space for that already.
I need the help in height... Am very short ;p

Steanie Tai said...

Wah so happening here.. Yes I like all of your shoes here.. Especially the white and black from Tangs studio.. Nice nice ! :D

Michelle Y said...

Thanks! The white one quite difficult and tiring to walk in, but it's too pretty to not buy it! Black one is a real good deal!

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