Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pose pose pose!

Tomorrow is THE day! The day where I'll be taking our pre-wedding photo shoot! Tomorrow is the day where we'll be ushered as celebrities and try to be like models hahaha!

For Day 01, which is tomorrow, we'll arrive at Eyeshot at 9am. Makeup will start, then at about 11am, we'll head to Heritage Hotel. I have 2 gowns for this place! Yay so excited! I can have 2 gowns in a place. We have to apply for consent to shoot here. Luckily, Eyeshot can apply the consent for us. Fee is RM50. Such convenience.

Heritage Hotel

Then, we'll head to Pavilion for the second part of our photo shoot. We have to get there after lunch hour to avoid the crowd. It will definitely be awkward for us both as we are no professionals. I'll definitely feel shy. I guess this is biggest challenge for me.


To avoid the carelessness we inherited, we have draw up a list of props for photo shoot. Hubby did the rough draft, and I added a few more items.

So many items hahaha! Damn kiasu!

Pre-wedding preparation list

Can we do it? Can we pose? Will we look too statue-ish? Will our smiles look too fake?
What about the weather? Will there be blue skies and white cloud? The traffic - Will it slow us down?

SOOoooOoo nervous!

So, tomorrow - Pose pose pose! *fingers crossed*


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