Saturday, April 3, 2010

Highly anticipated event - Wedding gown trial is tomorrow!

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It is finally my wedding gown trial for my wedding photo shoot tomorrow! Gosh! This kinda feel surreal! Going to the bridal studio (BS) tomorrow kinda officially awaken my senses the "I'm-finally-getting-married" chapter - for this year, at least.

The appointment is at 3pm tomorrow. 3 of my girlfriends will be helping me on the selection of the bridal gowns. I know most brides advise to go for gown trial as early as possible, but for this BS, they have only 1 photographer (PG). So there is absolutely no reason for me to panic and act like a kiasu in this matter.

Question here is, what gown am I expecting, and which should I get that best fit my body shape?

Gowns are categorized in massive number of categories! Endless. Anyhow, I have been looking at wedding gowns, and really love these.

a) Off-shoulder - So chic yet classic

b) Square - Gives a very classic Victorian-elegant look.

c) Sweetheart - Gives the enough emphasis on the chest area

a) Trumpet/Mermaid - I lurve the way these dresses accentuate the womanly curve.

b) Princess - A classic design

c) Ball gown - Very princess-y feeling. This is prolly the only time in my life I can feel like this.

d) Front slit - Sexayy!

a) Ruffles - Look at how it instantly adds a heighten definition of enchantment!

a) Lace lace lace! It creates the dreamy-romantic look.

b) Tulle. One word - G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!

a) Knee-length - Most gowns are long. I would wanna have one that is short.

a) Fishtail - Nice flare at the back

b) Semi-cathedral - Just enough to have a train and be comfortable

a) There must be a little bit of black. Lovvee the contrast between white and black;

b) And also cream and black.
These are some of the gown designers I admire:
a) Maggie Sotero

b) Demetrios

c) And of course, Vera Wang:

I can only hope I will look good, if not stunning (perasan wei) in my gowns. It's once in a lifetime anyways!

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Wah, you really did alot of homework which is very good ^^ Hope you can get what you wanted in the BS :)

Steanie Tai said...

Fxxking excited, haha.. I like this description lol..

All the best ! Choose the gowns that can represent your beau and cool personality, hehe..

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha I just like looking at fashion online. Most of my time spent online is looking at fashion.
Thanks! And I did get some of what I want!

*Pai seh* I use foul languages only once a while hahaha!
Must also find a gown that makes me slimmer hahaha!

Steanie Tai said...

Hehe.. I say fxxx too, also once a while hehe..

Btw, are you inviting lablue to your september wedding dinner? Let us know, wana start checking for flight, both yours and uli's wedding dinners.. :)

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