Monday, April 12, 2010

Whole new look

I got sick and tired with the limited template offered by blogger, so I've decided to venture out and look for fresh, new look for my blog.

AND ended up getting fucking frustrated with the templates and layouts and HTMLs and all these tech-y stuff.

I actually spent 2 freaking hours trying to figure out how the hell all these functions and trying to get rid of some widgets and trying to add new templates. Even my hubby got annoyed with my frustration and told me to shut the whole blog down!! Hmm temper temper temper!

So obviously with all these trials and errors encountered, things got screw up and shit got lost.

Basically, my blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Now I know why I see this term in so many websites. I guess I'm not the only one that would give up on complicated stuff.

Sigh... Tiring and a waste of time. I need my beauty sleep now.


Tze Yu!n said...

You sound stressed out! Do you want some help? I don't actually know this stuff but would be interested to learn...

Does that mean you're not going to post any new entries til you get that all sorted?

Michelle Y said...

@Tze Tu!n
Thanks babe! It's real complicated and need to download this and that... Then log in to shift this and that~~~
But anyways, I really appreciate your offer! :)

Of course not! I'll still post entries... It's just that the interface might change here and there a bit.

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