Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steamboat @ Shabu One

About 2 weeks ago, hubby wanted to have steamboat for dinner. It's one of his favourites... Don't ask me why. I don't really fancy it as I can never eat much.

After shopping for our pre-wedding photo shoot preparation, it was time to unwind. Lazy to drive out of Lot 10 and look for a dining place, we came across Shabu One in Lot 10, and thought "why not?".

Shabu One @ Lot 10

This place was not covered up like this before. It was an open concept. I guess tenants must have complained about the smell, thus, the boards were up.

I saw this poster right in front of the entrance, and got excited. If it is really 50% off per person, then I wouldn't think twice!

50% discount per adult for UOB cardholders

We asked the reception/waitress and she confirmed the advertisement. Usual price is RM58.00 per person. Since it is 2 of us on 50%, therefore, the price is RM58 for us both! We thought it was a good deal and worth a try since they are having a promotion.

Upon paying at the counter, we were given a receipt and led in. The package entitled us to a FOC Coconut each.

2 coconuts on the house

Upon entering, we were ushered to our table and were given 2 choices of soup. We got the Tom Yam and Herbal Chicken Soup.

Now, time for the fun part - Grab anything you want! As I was still on a diet at that time, I attacked the "vegetarian" section. All the different vegetables and mushrooms and taufu were here. I took a little bit of everything. These should keep me full!

Strictly for vegetarians

Hubby attacked a different section - Which are the frozen food. Check out their wide varieties of seafood available. I have to say, they have one of the vast selections of seafood. With the amount we paid, it is definitely worth it!

Clams clams clams

More clams and crabs

Fishes and scallops

This is the section that neither of us touched - The DIY noodle. They have udon, mee hoon, mee, kuew teow for you to cook yourself and to add in the soup that you want. What was fascinating to me is to have to cook your own noodle the kopitiam-style. Should have try it!

DIY noodle section

Their various choices of sauces. No chili for me, so I didn't bother paying attention at this corner. The containers are actually the soup for steamboat. Self-service.

Sauces & soup section

Other than serving raw food, they do have cooked food lay out. Especially catered to the hungry and can't wait for the food to cook at their personalised steamboat, this is perfect!

Cooked food buffet section

Hubby was really hungry as he has used up his energy to help me with my shopping hehehe~ So he went for the cooked food, and surprisingly, they were very delicious. I thought they would be cold and tasteless, but were quite the opposite. They were very yummy and warm. I actually enjoyed these more than my steamboat.

Cooked food for the hungry

They have this mini-hut that caught my attention. I was wondering what was this. Apparently, it is a place for you to grill the sausages and mochi. But there was no mochi to be found. I waited and went there a few times to check out the mochi but they didn't refill. I wanted to warm it up and add the peanuts to it, but they don't have it. Too bad.


Time for dessert! Ice-cream! Total of 16 flavors for us to choose. Though this is no Haagen-Dazs, but it was quite good. After the heat from the steamboat, having the ice-cream down our throat was absolutely divine!


One thing worth mentioning is that their raw food are very fresh. Food like the prawns and fishes were really fresh. You know if it has been kept in the freezer for far too long, or it's the cheap items, but the quality and standard here is pretty high. Hubby had so much prawn and fishes and crabs... His way of trying to make up for the money he paid I guess hahaha!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based entirely on our personal experiences and tastebuds. We also declare that we have not receive any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for expressing our thoughts.


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