Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Black" to Basic

Yet another preparation for my photoshoot next week is to dye my hair. The last time I visited a saloon to trim and dye my hair was way back in Sept 2009. Since then, I don't have the time or money nor motivation to pay another visit to a saloon.

I hate the look of my black roots against the washed out ash brown color of my hair...

With the photoshoot session coming up, I was pondering between ash brown, dark brown or back to black?

Since this photoshoot photos will be kept and MAYBE my child will look at it in the future, I have to consider this point.

Will my kid go "Eww mum! What color is THAT?! What were you thinking then?"
Cos I won't know what to answer my kid then.

After much time thinking and annoying hubby, I've finally decided to go back to basic - BLACK!

Michelle in blue dress from Debenhams, Lot 10

This picture is taken right after I have my hair dyed. Picture was taken in a changing room with my 2.0 megapixel iPhone. So do forgive the bad quality picture.

And also do over look the fact that I have no makeup on... And also do not take into consideration on my first ever post on (minimal) cam-whoring. I know it is preeetty lame... But like I said, ignore that!

Focus on the black hair!

How much for this transformation?
It's only RM60!! WTH you say? Yup, it is only RM60 plus treatment! Woo-hoo! What a fantastic deal! Special thanks to mum's cousin for doing this for me. Her saloon is in Subang. Should go check her place out.

I love my new hair color!

Ps. I did not buy that blue dress. It's too big for me.


Amanda said...

Wise choice to go black, will make you look fairer too ! :)
Thanks for the compliments on my saree.

Michelle Y said...

Thanks babe! Black is a safe bet!
No worries. You really look good in that sari! Luv your skin!

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