Sunday, April 4, 2010

Restaurant De Maw

Near our place, there is another condominium named D'Alamanda. Around that area, there is a row of old shop houses of restaurants. These are really old restaurants, and is always full. Thus, we must give this place a try!

Our of so many restaurants there, we finally selected this cute lil looking cottage called Restaurant De Maw.

Just by looking outside, you can guess that the place is quite small and tables are limited. We were there on Friday at 7pm, and it was already full house. The owner even honestly told us that we will have to wait quite awhile before getting our food. Since we weren't in a hurry, we decided to wait.
Very unique design the restaurant has. All these lanterns has all 12 animals in the Chinese calendar written on it.

And apparently, the restaurant's chef has won award before.

Their variety is limited. These are the only dishes offered by the restaurant, but everything listed looks delicious.

Braised peanuts as appetizer. Since we have been given the warning that it will be a long wait, this peanut dish acts as really came just in time.

Hot Sizzling - Fried Venison Meat (RM18.00). The slices of venison was just thin enough, and surprisingly, the slices of meat were bigger than usual. It has a very chrateristic chili and sour taste... To me, it tasted like those authentic Sze Chuan village food.

Brinjal with Salted Fish in Clay Pot (RM12.00). Normally, brinjal dishes are very oily, but for this, it is just nice. The salted fish taste is very distinctive but was just nice enough to blend in with the brinjal taste.

This is the soup that was on the house. Such generosity!

We actually wanted to order another dish, but the person taking the order honestly told us that we will not be able to finish the food, and told us to just stick to 2. Even if we asked them to serve us a smaller portion, they refuse. I still can't believe there are still honest business people around hahaha! Maybe I'm just a typical cynic!


uLi.佑莉 said...

Interesting 12 Chinese zodiac lanterns :)

Michelle Y said...

I agree! Very creative and fascinating!

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