Thursday, April 15, 2010


The ideal body measurement for a female: 36-24-36

Who actually determines and draws this figure? If every woman has this measurement, can you imagine how voluptuous every woman will be? How attractive the street will be? It's like watching fashion show live on the streets!

Evening gown in Eyeshot

But then again, everyone is special, and so is their own body measurement.

Well, mine is definitely nowhere near that figure LOL! Far from it actually.
36 --> I need few more inches to add to my number
24 --> I need a few inches taken off from my waist
36 --> Hah! This is the only one I can say I have the nearest number to. Not that number, but ClOse... Hahaha!

Anyhoo, 2 weeks ago, I went to Eyeshot for wedding gown trial and have selected 4 wedding gowns. I thought that was it and that will be my body shape until my photoshoot (PS) next week.

Imagine my surprise when Zoe (the lady owner) told me that I have to be back next week to take my body measurement to alter the dresses.

Decoration in Eyeshot 01

Then I begin to scratch my head. If I have to be back tomorrow, why didn't I select my gown tomorrow instead of choosing it 2 weeks ago? Like mentioned earlier, we don't need to book the gowns earlier cos there's only 1 main photographer with 1 backup photographer.

Hmm I have no idea, but at last it gave me another 2 weeks to TRY to lose weight... But I failed LOL! No thanks to the Malacca trip!

Decoration in Eyeshot 02

Since I will be back tomorrow, I have a few questions ready for Zoe, which are:
What flowers will they provide me with?
What hairstyles will be given, and can I try the hairstyle first before deciding which to wear?
The fake eyelashes - I don't want it to look to plastic-y, yet must be obvious. Which brand should I get?

So many questions... I want to get it settle tomorrow, once and for all.


uLi.佑莉 said...

The photos hung on the wall its indeed a great ID ^^ For eyelash, you need to go hunt for it instead? They didn't provide you one?

Steanie Tai said...

36-24-36 is not an ideal body measurement la.. I feel 36 is too big for both upper and lower body part.. And 24 for waist is too extreme la..
Erm.. 33-25-33 is ideal (my opinion) :) :)

Michelle Y said...

Yup I agree. Maybe you can do that to your new house too, since you are into photography?
No they don't. They only provide that on actual day. For the photoshoot, I have to look for it myself.

Haha 36 is too big. Maybe this is only feasible for Barbie dolls?
I would have prefer 35-25-35 :)

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