Sunday, October 4, 2009

Arthur's Day - Tonight's gonna be a good good night


Most of us that have gone to the cinema recently would have seen the advertisement for this - Arthur's Day... Bunch of people yelling "To Arthur!"...

Arthur's Day is a series of music events which have been organised to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Guiness brewing company. The events will take place in the cities of Dublin, KL, Lagos, NY and Yaounde. This party in Sunway Lagoon featured the top artiste - BLACK EYED PEAS!! Of course, there are some local artists including Reshmonu and some from Taiwan which I have no idea.

Of course with BEP there, I have to go!

Went there with some of my colleagues. Ms. Li Ping had me memorise the lyrics before I go Laughing smiley face

Celebrating 250 years of fine beer brewing!

*I gotta feeling... That tonight's gonna be a good night*
This song has been playing in my head forever, but I like it!

There were many deco on Guiness as we make our way to the concert hall. This picture was initially very dark (no thanks to Mr. Nutella) but I edited it a bit to make the faces clearer. As a result, the background was too bright and came out quite unclear.

This is the unedited picture. Check out how dark it is... But Mr. Nutella thinks this is A.R.T.! Fighting Smileys

The party kicked off with some local acts. Everyone was so hyped up and full of energy... Cheering and clapping (no singing along cos not many people know the songs). But after 2 hours of local act (8.30pm-10.30pm), everyone just got tired and ran out of patience. Seriously, it was really tiring and restless cos we hardly know these artists (no offense). Some even booed the artist and asked them to leave.

And then, FINALLY, BEP came on stage!! The crowd went WILD! Baby Smileys Jumping, cheering, singing, clapping, shouting, etc... OMG the crowd was so ecstatic! It was so crazy!

I brought my "dummy" camera, i.e. the small point-and-shoot camera that night. The pictures were really blur and it was bad. I managed to have good videos only (luckily). But getting to see BEP live was all worth it!

This is the part where BEP asked for the management to switched off all the lights, and asked the crowd to turn on the light from their mobiles and waved it. The scene was so beautiful!

The closing - Pops of confetti... And that's not just it. There were fireworks too! But too bad, I was leaving already and couldn't take any picture of it.

Indeed, it was a *good good night... woo hoo*! I *heart* BEP!


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