Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coliseum Cafe & Hotel

Last Sunday, we were at the streets of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to look for curtains for our new place. We dropped by Nagoya but couldn't find anything to our liking. We were suppose to look at Kamdar but decided to skip that fearing that it would offer the same as Nagoya. So we went to SSF, which is also along the street.

After an hour shopping at SSF (we did bought quite a lot for our new place), we thought we'd have a drink. First thing that came into my mind was the Coliseum Cafe & Hotel. My parents brought me and my siblings here once when we were in our teen years. I told Vincent that in this restaurant, everything is very old-fashioned and don't expect it has excellent modern deco.

The place was exactly as I remember it! Nothing has changed. No renovation since the last time I came... And when I came with my parents more than 10 years back, they said the same thing! They have done a pretty good job at preserving the taste and look of a traditional cafe meets European style.

The chairs and tables are the same as before.

The bar. This is a cafe + hotel... It's more like a boutique hotel. I heard that this place is crowded with foreigners at night to enjoy the alcohol and food.

The place is almost full at 4pm. There was only 1 waiter in the cafe! He explained that most of their staffs were on holiday due to the Deepavali celebration.

The place is separated into 2 sections - the bar and the restaurant. The uncle that served us told us that they have the separation due to lack of manpower.

Their menu. They serve local cuisine as well as western food at reasonable price.

I was still very full from lunch, so we ordered only 1 main dish. I remember that they are famous for their western food, so Vincent ordered the Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce. It was scrumptious! One of the best chicken chops I've ever tasted! Totally recommended! Food smiley face

Vincent loves his food very much! He said he has finally found a place to please his appetite and urge for western cuisine.

Overall, the food is as good as I remember it. And the deco and surrounding just brings you back in time. One can't complain on the service cos they had only 1 waiter at that time, but do pay a visit to this precious little cafe. It is definitely worth a visit.

98 - 100, Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman 50100, Kuala Lumpur
+603 2692 6270


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