Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Tea Ceremony - Alex & Phoebe

3rd Oct 2009 - The day Alex & Phoebe tied their bond as husband and wife the traditional style. This is the car they used. The 2 penguins are personalised. Why penguin? Cos the groom has always been associated with penguin... And why is that? LOL that is the story between us all... Winks smiley face

The groom was still getting ready when we arrived. The plan was to have breakfast together before setting off to Kepong for the bride.

The flower bouquet to be presented to the bride upon meeting her. Really nice red roses!

While the groom is getting ready, the heng dai's went off to tie the ribbons on their cars.

Theme of the day was flower/Hawaiian/beach-attire. Some of them had to purposely went and buy clothes to go with the day's theme.

One of the hang dai's. Take away the teh ais bungkus, and he looks like the big bad wolf from the Red Riding Hood smiley face

The groom's family heated up some leftovers from yesterday's pre-wedding dinner food for our breakfast. Check out the groom... He was not even nervous... He was enjoying his breakfast

The groom with his parents... All ready to seek the bride now. The groom's parents will wait at their place for their new daughter-in-law.

The groom with his heng dai's.

The female version of heng dai's.

Traffic was bad that day, and it was raining. I've heard that when it rains during your wedding, it's a sign of good luck! God is blessing the newly wedded couple! After about an hour journey, we finally arrived at the bride's place.

Since it was the Mooncake festival, the chi mui's prepared some real good delicacies for the heng dai's - Wasabi Mooncake! This is the first I've seen it. Apparently it was especially ordered for the game.

Not only does the heng dai's have to eat it, the groom has one for himself too.

Next game is to form the words "I love you". I reckon it's far from it Tongue smiley face But good effort!

As the groom charged to the main door, there was a contract for him to sign.

Clearer picture of the contract for the groom to sign... "Sealed with love"

Finally arrived at the bride's room. She looked gorgeous... I reckon she looked like a barbie doll... So pretty!

First thing the groom said "HI!" LOL! Flower bouquet was presented to his wife.

After presenting the bouquet of flowers, the groom had to lift up the veil of his wife.

First kiss as husband and wife.

Leaving the bride's room. Groom is happy with his wife intact!

While waiting for the tea ceremony to begin, it was picture time.

The chi mui's with the bride.

These are the pictures to be handed to close relatives and friends. I took 2 of it!

The teapot set for the tea ceremony.

With all the kisses, it's touch up time for the bride.

The couple leaves the house with the bride's dad escorting them with a red umbrella. No idea what is the significance of the red umbrella

Upon arrival at the groom's, it's prayers time, followed by tea ceremony for the groom's family.

Tradition has it that male kids are to jump on the bed. I understand why they have to use kids, but male only?! That's very biased! Female babies are not wanted and not human? This is one tradition that I will not follow.

Next tradition is the groom to remove the veil of his bride.

Then it's the bride's turn to remove her husband's coat.

They did not pose for this picture. They are a very loving couple! So sweet!

Kiss as husband and wife in their new room... A new place to start the rest of their lives.

Picture time! Us with the husband and wife.

The gang.

The bride has to return to her place in Kepong to finish up the tea ceremony session. It was incomplete earlier because the couple has to return back to the groom's at a specific time, and there wasn't enough time for them to do the whole tea ceremony and make it back in time. And the bride can't wear her wedding gown back to her place. She has to change into something new. Her cheongsam looks fab huh?!

Their wedding dinner reception is a week later, which is in the next post.


lablue said...

congrats to alex n phoebe!they have very good theme for the wedding, hv u decided yours??

Michelle Y said...

Yeah they did! Cool and fun theme they had.
LOL I haven't thought of mine yet... Still a long way to go. I still have not chosen the date yet ;p

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