Monday, October 5, 2009

Purple Cane


I've had a very tiring day, and did not go back to my mum's for dinner that Saturday. So Vincent and I chose a place to spend some quiet, quality time together. We chose one of our favourite restaurants, i.e. Purple Cane located in Pudu, just right outside our place.

I like how serene and peaceful its deco... Feel so calm and relax. This is the place where they sell different type of teas. There is also a small table there for customers to try some tea.

Very unique setting of tables and stools/chairs.

We ordered the Shui Xian Chinese Tea - RM1.80 per pax. THe teapot that is placed on the table is the one that is used to pour the tea in our cups. The other teapot is to brew the taste and smell of the tea, and will be poured into the other teapot before pouring the ready tea in our cups. Sounds too much trouble? LOL the art of tea it seems.

The specialty of this restaurant is that they add tea leaves into their dishes. We ordered bowl of rice, which is called the Green Tea Rice - RM1.00. It does have a slight tea fragrant in it.

For poultry, we ordered the Herbal Chicken - RM18.00 (recommended by their waitress). This is good! The herbal taste and smell in it is so strong that I finish the gravy! Food smiley face

This is the dish that Vincent will always order - The Anchovies Egg (RM7.00). It's frief egg with anchovies and some tea leaves. I guess with the anchovies and tea leaves make it different.

For the vege, we ordered the Fried Eggplant (RM10.00). Not exactly my favourite taste or style of cooking.

When I heard that there is glutinous ball (tong yun), I must have it! The Glutinous Ball with Soya (RM3.50) was so yummy! The chef threw in rose petals in it, and this gave a very pleasant aroma to it. Nice! I would definitely get this again the next time I come back.

I am always very satisfied with my visit here. Definitely worth coming if you wanna try the local Chinese food with a twist.


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