Thursday, October 22, 2009

Restaurant Imbi Palace


I had the urge to go for dim sum last weekend... And I wanted to go somewhere new instead of the old but reliable Ah Yat Abalone Forum. Vincent suggested the Imbi Palace Restaurant in Imbi as he heard the Roast Pork that is their signature dish.

Of course when we were there, we have a look at their wedding menu offering as well so that we have an extra option for our wedding reception. The place is really big... It could easily fit in 50 tables, and they would still have place to block off for walk-in customers. The menu was just the usual, though the FOC items were a little too stingy... Oh well Hello Kitty Smileys The place was very crowded at noon time on Sunday. Many came with their family.

This is the appetizer - Braised Peanuts (RM3.00).

Like most of the Chinese restaurants, you tick which and what dim sum you want. Gone are the days where they push the carts around and you get to pick and choose you dim sum then and there.

This is one of the must-have - The Roasted Pork Meat (RM14.00). A little pricey for a serving that small I'd reckon, but Vincent said that this is just standard. The taste? As good as we heard! The skin is delicious and crispy, and the meat is just tender enough with a hint of fat in it. Totally recommended! Every table has this dish on their table too!

This is one of my dim sums favourite - Steamed Siew Mai (RM6.80). It' OK... So-so I would say. Maybe cos I was expecting a very tasty dim sum cos of my appetite for dim sum that day.

This is once of Vincent's must-have dim sum - BBQ Pork Bun (RM6.00). The dough is very soft and it doesn't feel too flour-ish... Just nice. And the BBQ Pork is good too! You know some BBQ Pork Bun fillings are just 50% fat, but this is not... The fat in it was just enough to make it delicious but not too overwhelming.

The dish that only Vincent will eat as he is a big fan of chicken feet - Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce (RM5.00). I tasted the sauce a bit and it was just OK. Vincent said this ain't the best but it's not too bad.

Deep Fried Yam Past (RM6.80). Vincent has never like this, but I ordered it anyways LOL! But I was utterly disappointed! The filling was too little and has no taste in it. The yam paste doesn't feel "fresh" enough. I would stay away from this.

This is another of my order - Steamed Rice Roll with BBQ Pork (RM8.00). The delivery was a let down... I would even use the word "pathetic" to describe it. Even the street dim sum can offer a better look to this dish. Just by the looks of it, I didn't have the appetite for it, and true enough, it was distasteful! The BBQ Pork was too fat and no taste, and the Rice Roll was too sticky.

Ask me if I would wanna come here again for dim sum, I'd say "No, thanks". Not my favourite place to a good Sunday dim sum... I'd still go back to Ah Yat Abalone Forum for good ol' dim sum. The only dish worth coming back for would be the Roasted Pork Meat.

8, Jalan Barat, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
03 2145 4822


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